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Loma Linda University Medical Center Annexation

For the Loma Linda University Medical Center Heart & Surgical Hospital, as part of a project team, we prepared a Plan of Services and Fiscal Impact Analysis for the proposed General Plan Amendment (GPA), and the pre-zoning and annexation into Loma Linda of an 11.68-acre site to allow construction of additional medical office buildings for the LLUMC Heart & Surgical Hospital Campus.  The proposed GPA changed the existing designation of High Density Residential (0 to 13 dwelling units per acre) to Health Care for about five acres of the 11.68 acre site, and the remaining portion was to change from Business Park to Health Care.  The entire site was pre-zoned Institutional to allow for the annexation of the site to the City of Loma Linda.  The site, which is in the City’s Sphere of Influence, included the development of two, two-story 80,000 square foot medical office buildings and related parking.


Loma Linda University Med Center Annexation
Helendale CSD, Wild Wash Road Annexation Area, 2013

We prepared a plan of service and projected recurring fiscal impacts for two areas within the sphere of influence that are planning to annex into the Helendale Community Services District (CSD) in unincorporated San Bernardino County.  The proposed annexation areas include the area south of Silver Lakes and the Wild Wash area along the western side of Interstate 15.  The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) of the County of San Bernardino requires a jurisdiction to submit a Plan for Service and Fiscal Impact Analysis when the jurisdiction is affected by a proposed change in boundaries, formation, or organization. The purpose of the study was to show that the selected infrastructure improvements and services can be provided to developments within the annexation areas that meet the appropriate service criteria.

Helendale Annexation Area
Coachella Lomas Del Sol Annexation Fiscal Analysis and Plan of Services
We prepared a fiscal impact analysis upon annexation of the Lomas Del Sol project into the City of Coachella. The proposed project is a 588-acre property to include up to 7,000 units with 70 acres of commercial, a possible hotel and two golf courses. We also prepared a Plan of Services for the project which identified public infrastructure and public service requirements for the area upon annexation into the City of Coachella.



Hesperia, Rancho Las Flores Fiscal Analysis Update
In 1996, we prepared a fiscal analysis of the proposed Rancho Las Flores planned community upon annexation to the City of Hesperia. The study projected the fiscal benefits to the City from the proposed development. This 9,865 acre development included a mix of housing units, retail, recreational and business park land uses.

Newport Beach Newport Coast Annexation
We prepared a fiscal analysis of the proposed annexation of the Newport Coast into the City of Newport Beach. Phasing of future land uses and the level of public services were key components in projecting ongoing revenues and costs to the City. The area has subsequently been annexed to the City.

Orange County Fiscal Guidelines for Future Annexations and Incorporations
For the County of Orange, we developed fiscal guidelines for analyzing future annexations and incorporations within unincorporated Orange County. The purpose was to estimate the fiscal effects on the General Fund and other selected County funds. We then applied the fiscal guidelines to several designated areas including Laguna Woods and selected County islands.

Rancho Cucamonga Fiscal Analyses of Annexations
For the City of Rancho Cucamonga, we prepared fiscal studies for proposed projects in support of LAFCO annexation applications. Projects include Rancho Etiwanda Estates, Henderson Creek Estates, Tentative Track #14749, Richland Communities, Northeast Sphere and Etiwanda Creek. For these studies, we presented the recurring revenues and costs of the proposed projects to the City of Rancho Cucamonga upon assumed annexation.

Rialto Lytle Creek Annexation Fiscal Analysis and Plan for Service
For the City of Rialto, we prepared a fiscal study for the proposed annexation of the 1,500 acre Lytle Creek master planned community into the City of Rialto. We identified the major sources of public revenues and costs and projected the annual fiscal balance and revenue/cost ratios for the proposed land use plan. We also managed subconsultants that assessed the Specific Plan's retail program and the competitive housing supply within the Lytle Creek Area.

San Clemente Talega Development Annexation
We prepared a fiscal analysis for the annexation of the Talega Valley project adjacent to the City of San Clemente. We evaluated the City's existing fiscal model and developed a separate fiscal analysis for Talega Associates, LLC, the project developer. We also analyzed the effect of potential County Property Tax Transfer assumptions between the City and the County upon future annexation.

Rancho Santa Margarita Incorporation Analysis
For the Robinson Ranch and Trabuco Highlands Homeowners Associations, we reviewed the fiscal impacts of the incorporation of Rancho Santa Margarita and Rancho Trabuco plus five alternative boundary configurations. The analysis included the fiscal benefits of expanding the initial incorporation boundaries to include these communities. Recommendations by LAFCO have included boundary adjustments to include these communities and voter approval followed in fall 1999.

Santa Paula Fiscal Analysis for the East Area 1 Project
For Parkstone Communities, we prepared a fiscal analysis for the proposed annexation of the East Area 1 project into the City of Santa Paula. The 500-acre project is adjacent to the City of Santa Paula within the sphere of influence area bordering the eastern section of the City at the Santa Paula Creek edge.

Simi Valley Fiscal Analysis of Runkle Canyon Specific Plan
For Green Park Ranch, LLC, we prepared a fiscal analysis of the proposed annexation of the Runkle Canyon Specific Plan residential development to the City of Simi Valley. The proposed 550-lot development is a mix of housing, open space and a golf course land uses. We analyzed the major sources of revenues and costs the project would generate upon annexation.

City of San Bernardino Comprehensive General Plan Update
On a project team with The Planning Center, we analyzed the economic development potential to identify key target industries that the City of San Bernardino would likely attract. We focused on market conditions, non-residential absorption rates and taxable sales performance of existing retail shopping centers. In addition, we assisted City staff with guidance in the preparation of economic goals and policies for the Economic Development Element.