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City of Agoura Hills General Plan Update
As lead consultant, we provided a socio-economic analysis for the City of Agoura Hills including population and demographic characteristics. As part of the City’s update of their land use element and circulation element, we provided a summary of current market trends for commercial and residential real estate within and adjacent to the City. This study was used to assist the City in formulating market-responsive land use alternatives for the GPU.

Atwater General Plan Update, 2008
On a project team led by General Plan consultant, Jerry Haag, we are preparing an economic study for the City of Atwater to guide future economic development decisions as part of the General Plan update. The study is analyzing the economy of Atwater and the surrounding communities and unincorporated areas that interact with Atwater. Additionally, we will be preparing a fiscal analysis of the proposed General Plan land use alternatives.

City of Claremont General Plan Update
As part of a General Plan update team for the City of Claremont we completed an economic development analysis which targeted economic opportunities that were compatible with the City’s vision framework. We identified existing demographic and economic conditions as they related to the City’s ability to promote economic vitality. For this analysis we organized focus groups consisting of local business owners and representatives and subsequently conducted a mail-out survey to include their perspectives, insights and opinions about citywide economic issues as well as selected target development sites. Also, a fiscal analysis of selected General Plan focus areas was conducted.

City of Corona General Plan Update
On a project team with EIP Associates, we prepared the economic development and fiscal analysis of the City of Corona’s General Plan Update. We also prepared a baseline socio-economic conditions and trends report that assembled existing population, housing, employment and market absorption data. We worked closely with City’s Economic Development staff to prepare economic goals and policies for the General plan.

City of Corona Specific Plan and EIR for 50-Acre Industrial Site
We completed a highest and best use analysis and fiscal benefits analysis for the former Johns Manville Site in the City of Corona. The key issue was to identify a mix of feasible land uses, including retail office and hotel development instead of all retail development that was originally proposed.

City of Cypress General Plan Update
On a project team led by RBF Consulting, we prepared an Economic Development analysis for the City of Cypress that led to economic goals and policies being included within the General Plan Update. The analysis built upon existing surveys and documents, including policies developed from previous studies. This work has been supplemented by additional economic research.

City of Fullerton General Plan Update Economic Analysis
On a project team with RBF Consulting, we prepared an economic and demographic trends and conditions background report for the General Plan Update. We will be preparing a fiscal analysis of the General Plan with attention to alternative land use patterns for targeted revitalization or transition areas within the City.

City of Glendora Economic and Market Analysis of the Route 66 Corridor
As a subconsultant to RBF Consulting, we prepared an assessment of the market conditions influencing growth and change along the Route 66 Corridor in the City of Glendora. We projected the various sources of retail demand and their supportable square footage from local households and employment, local college students, faculty and visitors and potential tourists attracted to the Corridor.

City of Hawaiian Gardens Economic Trends and Conditions
On a project team with Hogle-Ireland, we prepared an economic trends and conditions report for the City of Hawaiian Gardens. We also assisted in preparing an economic goals and policies discussion paper that addressed the City’s sources of demand, including the local residential population, drive through visitors along major arterials and visitors to the gaming and entertainment facilities within the City as well as retail opportunities that recycle and/or intensify existing development.

City of Hawthorne, Ocean Park Village Economic Impacts
On a project team with HDR Engineering, we prepared an urban decay retail impact analysis of a proposed commercial component of the Ocean Park Village. We evaluated the economic impacts focusing on the potential for urban decay individually and cumulatively with other existing and proposed commercial projects in the marketplace. We determined the amount of general merchandise, value-oriented retail space that would be supportable under existing and future growth conditions and whether the proposed development would adversely impact existing competitive stores and lead to a substantial long-term increase in retail vacancies.

City of Hawthorne, Market Feasibility Study
On a project team with the Arroyo Group, we prepared a market feasibility study for the Hawthorne Boulevard Specific Plan corridor encompassing a two-mile stretch of Hawthorne Boulevard. Being a main arterial, through Hawthorne, the City was concerned about the decline in business activity and the economic impacts of the recent Hawthorne Plaza Mall closure. We examined the City’s role in the broader regional economy and addressed the competitive economic capture potential of the proposed project.

City of Hesperia General Plan Update Market Study
On a General Plan Team with Hogle-Ireland, we prepared an analysis of alternative market scenarios to study the level of intensity and mix of potential land uses. We examined economic trends and conditions to help define the envelope of high and low market concepts. Fiscal impact analyses of three alternatives (3) and the preferred plan for the General Plan update will also be prepared. The alternative land uses allow the City to understand the implications of different residential land use mixes and/or varying economic development trends.

JPL Economic Impact Study
For the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, we prepared a study of the economic value the research and development organization has had on the California economy. This included an estimate of the effect of direct, indirect and induced economic growth that results from JPL’s development activity. We also assessed the role of science and technology in generating spinoff economic growth and the multiplier effects on jobs and household income in the southern California economy.

City of Palm Springs General Plan Update
On a project team with The Planning Center, we prepared an economic and fiscal analysis of the City of Palm Springs General Plan Update. We analyzed the economic conditions and trends including socio-economic characteristics of the City. Our fiscal analysis of the preferred plan identified key fiscal issues as well as accounted for private development on Aqua Caliente Indian owned lands.

City of Pomona General Plan Update and Master EIR
As part of a General Plan and Master EIR team led by Dyett & Bhatia, we prepared an economic trends analysis and prospects for future growth. We also addressed retail development potential for the downtown core and the City’s older strip commercial corridors. Finally, a fiscal analysis was prepared that showed the potential benefits of alternative land use plans.

City of Rancho Cucamonga General Plan Update and EIR
On a project team led by The Planning Center for the City of Rancho Cucamonga, we completed an economic development analysis and fiscal study for the General Plan update. We analyzed the various revenue sources and city service costs for General Plan land uses and prepared a market analysis of retail development potential.

City of San Bernardino Comprehensive General Plan Update
On a project team with The Planning Center, we analyzed the economic development potential to identify key target industries that the City of San Bernardino would likely attract. We focused on market conditions, non-residential absorption rates and taxable sales performance of existing retail shopping centers. In addition, we assisted City staff with guidance in the preparation of economic goals and policies for the Economic Development Element.

City of San Buenaventura Market and Fiscal Analysis
For the City of San Buenaventura, a community bordering waterfront areas, we prepared an economic development analysis and strategic plan that would target opportunities to expand and diversify the City’s economic base. We also prepared a fiscal analysis to identify opportunities to maximize public revenues.

San Diego Economic Benefits Analysis of 619 Kettner Site
In association with Sara Isgur Associates, we prepared an economic and fiscal benefit study of a proposed land use change for a parcel located in downtown San Diego. We presented a highest and best use analysis of the site for four potential land use scenarios. We developed pro formas that estimated the residual land value for four development configurations which included varying combinations of single family residential units, retail uses, timeshare units and hotel condominium units. The purpose of our study was to show the economic return to the developer of the various land use alternatives.

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Airport Analysis, Economic Strategy Paper
In association with Waronzof Associates, we prepared a strategy paper for the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians in order to maximize their value for the E parcels located on the northern section of the San Bernardino International Airport (SBIA). We estimated residual land value for light industrial land within the market area and then discussed strategies by which the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians might maximize the value of the E parcel through either a land sale or land exchange with the SBIA Authority for like parcels outside the airport.

Wal-Mart Supercenter Economic Analysis in the City of Ridgecrest
On a project team with Christopher A. Joseph & Associates, we prepared an urban decay retail impact analysis of a proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter project on other competitive retail establishments in the area. We estimated at what amount of superstore retail square footage would be supportable under existing and future growth conditions and whether the new retail development would adversely impact existing stores and lead to an increase in retail vacancies.

County of Los Angeles Housing Infill Study
For the Los Angeles County, Department of Regional Planning and funded by the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), we are working with the UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge to examine the potential for housing on industrially and commercially zoned parcels in unincorporated County areas. A particular challenge is to determine the amount of industrial and commercial land potentially available for reuse and infill opportunities. The study also looked at the types of industries, including “green” technology companies that might locate in the older industrial areas.

County of Madera District Fair Master Plan Market Analysis
On a project team with Stantec Consulting, we prepared an economic feasibility analysis for retail development on a portion of the County of Madera District Fair grounds. Each commercial land use option was evaluated in a Highest and Best Use context to estimate the potential lease revenues to the California Construction Authority. This was followed by a revenue analysis to estimate other major public revenues, including: sales taxes and hotel occupancy taxes. We surveyed other fairgrounds in California to identify examples of successful developments on fairgrounds.

County of Riverside, Transportation and Land Management Agency, General Plan Update
In preparation of a new Riverside County General Plan led by Sverdrup Engineering and The Planning Center, we prepared the fiscal and economic analysis portions of the Plan. Our work included testing the fiscal impacts of the General Plan land uses at the countywide level plus six sub-regions. This work involved the application of a computerized fiscal model developed and transferred to the County of Riverside. We also prepared background socioeconomic data and market projections for the twenty proposed County Area Plans.

County of San Bernardino General Plan Update
On a general plan team with URS Corporation, we provided economic and public finance services that will include socio-economic trends and forecasts, fiscal impact considerations and infrastructure financing options and assistance in preparing an Economic Development Element. This helps guide the planning process in the direction of implementation while also showing the implications of alternative land use choices.

City of Simi Valley General Plan Update
On a General Plan team with EIP (now PBS&J), we are providing economic and demographic growth projections for population, households and employment for the City of Simi Valley. We are also preparing a retail leakage analysis comparing the retail sales capture of different categories by local retailers with the household expenditure power of local residents. This will allow the identification of retail leakage and excess capture as well as strengths or weaknesses in different categories. We are also preparing a fiscal analysis of three alternatives and the preferred plan to analyze the mix of proposed General Plan land uses to maintain a fiscal balance. A key issue will be the potential to improve the existing jobs/housing balance under selected economic development assumptions.

Caltrans Economic Analysis
We assisted Caltrans with an economic analysis related to their acquisition of properties along the 210 Freeway along the northern section of the Cities of Fontana and Rialto. We analyzed the urban concentration of population and employment along three selected East-West transport corridors for comparison purposes.

Caltrans District 7 Storm Water Facilities Retrofit Evaluation Economic and Financial Analyses
We prepared a component of a statewide study for Caltrans on a project team led by RBF Consulting. The study analyzed the financial and economic impacts of alternative storm water runoff treatment systems. The Los Angeles municipal NPDES permit area was covered in Phase 1. Expansion of the analysis to the statewide-urbanized areas was covered under Phase 2.