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County of Riverside Fiscal Model and Program
SRHA prepared a fiscal and market analysis for the Southwest Area Plan for the County of Riverside adjacent to the Cities of Murrieta and Temecula. A fiscal impact model was developed and linked with the County’s existing Geographic Information System (GIS). The model projects County revenues and costs associated with future development under specific assumptions about land use, phasing and infrastructure requirements. The model has also been applied in annexation studies. Capital impact fees were also projected and compared against funding requirements. The model allows for detailed land use inputs and recognizes the fiscal characteristics of major County funds. 1996 - 1998

Aliso Viejo General Plan Fiscal and Retail Analysis
On a project team with Cotton/Bridges/Associates (now EDAW) who prepared the City of Aliso Viejo’s first General Plan, we prepared the fiscal and retail analyses at buildout for each of three alternatives on four of the City’s key undeveloped parcels. These alternatives included the existing entitlements, the developer’s land use proposals and the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) alternative.

Calabasas Fee Study of the Lost Hills Bridge and Thoroughfare District
We prepared a transportation impact fee analysis for the Lost Hills Bridge and Thoroughfare District for the City of Calabasas. This district covers portions of the City and the County of Los Angeles. A detailed land use analysis of future development was undertaken as part of this study. Trip generation factors were used to allocate estimated improvement costs to residential and non-residential land uses.

Corona General Plan Update Fiscal and Economic Analysis
On a project team with EIP Associates (now PBF&J), we prepared the economic development and fiscal analysis of the City of Corona’s General Plan Update. We also prepared a baseline socio-economic conditions and trends report that assembled existing population, housing, employment and non-residential market absorption data.

Gardena Fiscal Studies, Housing Projects
We have assisted the City of Gardena by preparing fiscal studies for a number of proposed residential projects in the City. Generally, the residential projects have shown a relatively small, long-term negative fiscal impact and the City has used the analysis in developing a “fiscal impact” fee as part of each project’s development agreement.

Glendora Fiscal Analysis Focus Area H (Hillside) Ordinance
In the City of Glendora, an ordinance was proposed for the November 2006 election that would move the Golf Course and Glendora Country Club to Focus Area H, and allow the 300+ single family residential units proposed for Area H to be developed on the vacated golf course. Focus Area H, also known as the Hillside area, has about 200 acres and the current Glendora Country Club and Golf Course area has about 100 acres. We prepared a fiscal analysis of the “before/after” effects of the proposed ordinance and then presented our findings in a public workshop.

Glendora General Plan Update
We worked with the RBF Consulting team to prepare an economic development and fiscal analysis for the City of Glendora General Plan. We assembled existing population, housing and employment data for the City to prepare an existing socio-economic conditions and trends report. We also prepared a fiscal impact analysis to project public revenues and costs resulting from General Plan land uses for specified alternatives and a Preferred Plan.

Hesperia Market Feasibility Analysis for the Main Street and I-15 Corridor Specific Plan
On a project team with The Arroyo Group, we prepared the market analysis for the City of Hesperia’s Main Street and I-15 corridor Specific Plan and EIR. A range of conceptual market alternatives were prepared in coordination with the City and project team staff. We examined the economic opportunities for varying land uses that would be compatible with the specific plan area. We also looked at retail development potential based on the projected growth of household retail expenditures in Hesperia and the surrounding market area.

Highland General Plan Update
On a project team with The Planning Center, we prepared a fiscal analysis of the City of Highland’s General Plan Update. Our study included a discussion of key fiscal issues in light of the California State budget crisis and the implications for long range planning.

Irvine, Comprehensive Phasing Programs for The Irvine Community Development Company
For various projects over several years, we have assisted The Irvine Company in preparing Comprehensive Phasing Plans (CPP) for a number of communities in their development area, including Spectrum 8, Planning Areas 9B and 9C, Northwest Irvine, Bonita Canyon, Irvine Northern Sphere Area, Lower Peters Canyon and Shady Canyon. The CPPs outlined the necessary public infrastructure and associated timing over the development cycle of each project. Financing methods discussed included a combination of developer funding, assessment districts, special taxes, impact fees and other financing mechanisms.

Laguna Hills General Plan Update, 2008
We prepared a fiscal analysis related to alternative General Plan land uses and a preferred plan to identify the best mix of land uses to maximize public revenues for each of three alternatives for four focus areas within the City of Laguna Hills. The alternatives included mixes of residential, retail, office, entertainment or recreational land uses.

Laguna Woods Fiscal Impact Analysis for a Senior Condo Residential Project
In 2005, we prepared a fiscal impact analysis of a proposed senior condo project by the Robert Mayer Corporation for the City of Laguna Woods. The project consisted of 134-unit, age-restricted, high-end project along with 12,000 square feet of recreational uses in a 3-story and 4-story building. This fiscal analysis was contrasted with the impact of the prior use – a 28,000 square foot administration-office building.

Lake Forest Fiscal and Market Analysis
For the City of Lake Forest, we prepared a fiscal model to evaluate the existing land use mix of business park/industrial development in the City of Lake Forest versus several residential, retail and business park alternatives. This has allowed the City to negotiate with the various landowners and developers for the provision of public works infrastructure and park and civic improvements during the development agreement process.

Lytle Creek Fire Facility Fiscal Analysis
For the proposed development within the unincorporated Lytle Creek area just north of the City of Rialto, we prepared a fiscal analysis of required fire protection facilities to be operated by the San Bernardino County Fire Department. Based on the residential product mix, valuation, phasing and the non-residential square footage, valuation and phasing, we analyzed the net fiscal difference between future fire facilities operations and maintenance costs and the property tax generated to the fire department by the project. We estimated the costs on an equivalent dwelling unit for residential and non-residential development to allocate these ongoing costs by land use.

Newport Banning Ranch Fiscal Study
Working with Taylor Woodrow Homes, we prepared a fiscal analysis of the proposed Newport Banning Ranch, a 412-acre project encompassing two jurisdictions, Orange County and the City of Newport Beach. The project included a mix of residential product types, retail, lodging, a public school, parks and open space. We presented the fiscal impacts of the project both before and after annexation of the unincorporated area.

City of Orange Fiscal Analyses
We have prepared fiscal analyses for the East Orange and Santiago Hills II Planning Areas for The Irvine Company. We worked closely with the City of Orange planning staff and their consultants in examining a range of fiscal factors related to levels of service in East Orange and also prepared fiscal runs tied to various land use alternatives.

Oxnard, Fiscal Analyses for South and North Ormond Beach
For the City of Oxnard, we prepared separate fiscal analyses for the South and North Ormond Beach proposed annexations into the City of Oxnard. For South Ormond beach, we also analyzed a potential in-lieu fee structure for consideration by Council to offset the potential loss of revenue to the City as a result of the harbor related land uses being developed versus general industrial development. The analysis presented the fiscal impacts to the City’s General Fund from the proposed development along with the property tax implications upon annexation. We also prepared a fiscal analysis of the more residential and retail oriented North Ormond Beach area, also called “Southshore.”

Palm Springs General Plan Update
On a project team with The Planning Center, we prepared an economic and fiscal analysis of the City of Palm Springs General Plan Update. We analyzed the economic conditions and trends including socio-economic characteristics of the City. Our fiscal analysis of the preferred plan identified the fiscal benefits to the City of development on Aqua Caliente Indian lands, as well.

Rancho Mission Viejo Fiscal Analysis for the Rancho Mission Viejo Company
We prepared a fiscal analysis for the Rancho Mission Viejo Company for their proposed Rancho Mission Viejo development within the unincorporated area easterly and southerly of Mission Viejo. Rancho Mission Viejo is a planned community assuming Orange County jurisdiction. We studied fiscal considerations regarding potential annexation into the City of Mission Viejo. A key consideration was the effect of the Property Tax Transfer assumptions between the County and the City.

Rancho Santa Margarita General Plan Fiscal and Retail Analysis
On a General Plan team with Cotton Bridges Associates, we prepared retail and fiscal impact analyses of the preferred plan. We also analyzed the best mix of land uses to both maximize public revenues and strengthen the job base.

Rialto Renaissance Specific Plan
For the City of Rialto, we prepared a fiscal analysis for the Renaissance Specific Plan area in the northern portion of the City. This 1,510 acre area is proposed for a range of residential product types and commercial and business park land uses. The study also included potential fiscal mitigation measures that the City was considering to achieve desired levels of public services.

San Jacinto General Plan Update Fiscal and Economic Analysis
On a project team with Cotton Bridges Associates, we prepared market research to help develop economic goals and policies that would guide economic development as part of the General Plan Update. We also prepared a fiscal analysis of the General Plan examining the relationship between proposed land uses and their respective revenue and cost generation.

Temecula GPU Fiscal Model and Analysis
For the City of Temecula, we prepared a fiscal model that analyzed the fiscal impacts of General Plan land uses, including the sphere of influence areas. The study addressed the fiscal implications of land use policy and phasing assumptions. The fiscal model was applied in 2008 for an annexation study of areas within the City’s sphere of influence.

Yorba Linda General Plan Update Fiscal Impact Analysis
As part of the project team with The Planning Center, we completed a fiscal analysis for the City of Yorba Linda's General Plan Update. The focus of the analysis was on assuring the long-term fiscal viability of the City under uncertain future growth conditions. Projected land uses that will develop under the General Plan, as well as the infrastructure and park acreage requirements needed to support new development, was presented. In addition, revenue and cost projections associated with new development were presented based on existing service levels reflected in the adopted 1991/1992 budget.

Yucca Valley Sphere of Influence (SOI) Fiscal Impact Analysis
For the Town of Yucca Valley, we prepared a fiscal analysis of the proposed expansion of their Sphere of Influence Area. We projected the fiscal ability of development within the proposed sphere area to cover its public service operations and maintenance costs. Market assumptions regarding the valuation of the residential units and the commercial development were also prepared. We also assisted The Planning Center in the preparation of a Municipal Service Review for the proposed sphere expansion.

Imperial County, Alder 70 Specific Plan, Fiscal Impact Analysis
On a project team with Michael Brandman Associates, we prepared a fiscal analysis of the Alder 70 Specific Plan in Imperial County. The Specific Plan is proposed for residential uses with a local retail and business component. The project is located just east of the City of El Centro. Recurring revenues and costs were presented as well as net recurring fiscal balances and revenue/cost ratios for the County General Fund and the Library, Fire and Road Funds.

Kern County, Blackhawk II Site 3 and Hopkins Fiscal Analysis
On a project team with Environmental Consultants, SWCA we provided fiscal analyses for two development projects located in unincorporated Kern County. The proposed Blackhawk II, Site 3 development is in northwest Bakersfield and consists of 55 units on a 16-acre parcel. The other Blackhawk II project is a community of about 142 single-family homes on minimum lot sizes of 10,890 square feet northeast of Bakersfield. Based on the County’s fiscal guidelines, we analyzed the fiscal impacts of the developments on the Kern County’s General Fund and Fire Fund.

Kern County, Tejon Mountain Village Fiscal Impact Analysis
We prepared the fiscal impact analysis of the proposed resort development known as the Tejon Mountain Village Community. The 28,000-acre site is located in Kern County east of the Lebec interchange of the Interstate 5 freeway and about 30 miles north of the City of Santa Clarita. The fiscal analysis was prepared according to Kern County’s fiscal guidelines. The land uses are planned to include resort hotels, spa, golf courses, ranch estate lots, equestrian center, hillside large lots and wildlife/open space corridors. In addition, commercial uses along with workforce housing are planned along the freeway corridor.

Madera County, Fiscal and Market Analysis for the Gunner Ranch
For the County of Madera, we prepared an analysis of a development agreement that would provide financial incentives for a proposed 253-acre commercial, retail and residential development located in the southeastern portion of the County. Our evaluation studied whether there was market support for the proposed project and whether there would be enough net revenues to offset the requested financing incentives for capital infrastructure for the area plan.

Merced County, Santa Nella Capital Facilities Development Impact Fee Program
We prepared a capital facilities development impact fee program for the Santa Nella Community Specific Plan. Merced County’s financial policy requires a new community to implement a capital facilities impact fee and financing program. For the proposed 2,800-acre development in western Merced County, we estimated a set of impact fees for the project by infrastructure categories. The analysis included the allocation of estimated capital costs among development types according to the State of California’s legal nexus guidelines and the requirement that new development pay for its fair share of costs.

Merced County, Villages of Laguna San Luis Community Specific Plan
The Fiscal and Financial Implementation Section of the Villages of Laguna San Luis Community Specific Plan (CSP) Administrative Draft was prepared in 1999. In 2001 we updated the Fiscal and Financial Implementation Section of the CSP based on a revised land use plan for the project.

Riverside County, General Plan Update
On a General Plan update team led by Sverdrup Engineering and The Planning Center, we prepared the fiscal and economic analysis portions of the Plan. Our work included testing the fiscal impacts of the General Plan land uses at the countywide level plus six sub-regions. This work involved the application of a computerized fiscal model developed for the County of Riverside. We also prepared background socioeconomic data and market projections for the twenty County Area Plans.

San Bernardino County Fiscal Studies
We have prepared fiscal studies for various projects within the unincorporated County of San Bernardino. The proposed developments required the projected public revenues and costs generated to the San Bernardino County General Fund and other affected County funds. The projects were in unincorporated areas near communities such as Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, Highland, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Yucaipa, Redlands and Yucca Valley.