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City of Claremont General Plan Update - Economic Development Analysis
A development analysis that targeted economic opportunities compatible with the City’s vision framework. Organized focus groups were created consisting of local business owners and representatives. A mail-out survey was then conducted to include their perspectives, insights and opinions about citywide economic issues and selected target development sites.


City of Simi Valley Economic Issues and Opportunities Paper
An economic issue paper identified key economic policies that would lead to a strong local economy and generate sufficient public revenues commensurate with a high quality of public services.


City of South Pasadena - Ostrich Farm Study Area Economic Analysis
A highest and best use economic analysis of an area in the southwestern part of the City of South Pasadena known as the “Ostrich Farm.” The area was transitioning from industrial to a mix of office, retail and residential uses. Several live/work projects had been approved and the City wanted to evaluate the possibility of preventing a complete shift to live/work while at the same time retaining a viable job base within the area.



City of Calabasas Fee Study - Lost Hills Bridge and Thoroughfare District
A transportation impact fee analysis was prepared for the Lost Hills Bridge and Thoroughfare District for the City of Calabasas. Estimated improvement costs to residential and non-residential land uses.


City of Claremont General Plan Update - Fiscal Impact Analysis
The fiscal analysis projected ongoing City General Fund revenues and costs, recurring Gas Tax revenues and recurring property tax increment to the City Redevelopment Agency (RDA) for the City of Claremont and its Sphere of Influence area

City of Palm Springs General Plan Update - Fiscal Impact Analysis
An economic conditions and trends analysis including socio-economic characteristics and a fiscal analysis of the preferred plan for the City of Palm Springs General Plan Update. The fiscal analysis accounted for both development within the City and for private development on Aqua Caliente Indian owned lands.



City of Yucaipa Oak Hills Marketplace
With Michael Brandman Associates (MBA), we prepared an urban decay retail impact analysis for the proposed Oak Hills Marketplace commercial development of approximately 665,376 square feet of building area. The study was conducted for a trade area that included the city of Yucaipa and portions of the cities of Calimesa and Redlands, and portions of unincorporated San Bernardino County. The proposed project is located at the southeast corner of Interstate 10 and Live Oak Canyon Road in the City of Yucaipa.


Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) - Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Demand Analysis
A methodology was developed to project transit oriented demand at both existing and future rail stations in Western Riverside County. This demand analysis was also converted into housing demand within the station service areas.

Sphere of Influence (SOI) Annexation Fiscal Study, City of Temecula, 2008
We prepared a fiscal analysis of the sphere of influence area (SOI) and six sub-areas for the City of Temecula’s General Fund upon annexation for the provision of public services such as police protection, fire protection and general government services. We also projected revenues for the City Community Services District (CSD). The SOI areas included six separate zones in unincorporated Riverside County: Silverhawk, Johnson Ranch, French Valley, Morgan Hill, Rural South and the Escarpment area and included a projected total of 12,406 acres after buildout. Total recurring fiscal impacts were projected for the existing development within each of the zones and for the potential new development after buildout